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July 18, 2013
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“talking”, ‘thinking’

There was no escape now, you were trapped between a wall and a potential Canadian rapist and you were desperate to get away. So what can a girl do? Easy, flip the guy. In a matter of seconds you flipped him over and pinning to the floor ‘Thank you Karate!!’ “OOW! WTF!!” “Sorry Matty but there will be none of that here” You said with a smirk as you enjoyed the look of shock staring at you from bellow. But your victory didn’t last long as Matt quickly recovered and wrapped his legs behind your butt “Fuck I love my women feisty” Matt said as he started to push and pull you off him. Both quickly turned the whole rape fiasco into a wrestling match on the living room floor, where you tried to kick his ass and get away while Matt pull you back just to keep wrestling with you.

“MATT LET GO!” “Hell no! As long as we keep fighting I get to touch you~” Matt said as he eliminated the space between you two and gave you a mind blowing kiss. While you were distracted Matt kept moving your large shirt higher and higher and started to group your chest “haha~ No bra, why aren’t you a naughty girl~” “AAHH! MATT STOP!” “ Heck like I would-” *ding doing* “Sweetie are you in there?” ‘MOM!?’ You felt your blood run cold and you quickly ran to your room to put some pants and a bra, leaving Matt on the living room floor completely confused. “C-coming, wait a sec mom!” You ran to the door after making sure you were presentable but stopped quickly to whisper to Matt “You better not do anything stupid or we’re both be in deep shit, got it!” “WTF? Why is she here?” “I don’t know! But we better get rid of that crate before I let her in” You said as you rushed Matt to move the crate and his hockey stick to his room and you went to open the door.

“H-hey m-mom what are you doing here?” “What am I doing here? I’m here to see how my little baby girl is doing in her new home” Said your mother as she walked in and was surprised by the sight of seeing Matt on the couch watching TV. “(f/n)~ You didn’t tell me you got a new boyfriend~” she said with glee as she walked up top Matt to great him ‘Oh no!’ “ Hello there honey I’m (f/n) mother, it’s so nice to know that my dear baby isn’t alone here. What your name?” Matt looked at you mother’s adoring look at him and then looked back at you with a smirk ‘*GASP* Matt! DON’T YOU DARE!’ You mentally scolded him and glared while Matt decided to have some fun. “The name’s Matt Williams and heck yes (f/n) isn’t alone she has me, her boyfriend, to keep her away from any hosers” He said as he walked to you and put his arm around your shoulders.

~~A few hours later~~

‘Matt when this is over I’m going to KILL you!’ You were going nuts with Matt emphasizing and agreeing with everything your mom said from the “how you met?” questions to the unwanted “have you kissed yet?”  questions. “Well it’s been a pleasure meeting you and Matt but it’s getting late and I have to go” Your mom said as she started to walk to the door “oh but there’s soo much to still talk about~” “shut the fuck up Matt!” You quietly grumbled to Matt as you left him quickly to open the door. “Oh that’s a definite Matt! Well then bye sweetie I had a great time seeing how your all good and set here” “Yeah bye mom!” you said as you ushered out of the house “it was definitely splendid to have meet my future son in law!~” your mother said  before you got to close the door “MOM!” *giggle* “bye~” She said before you closed the door.

“hmmm son in law~ I like how you mom thinks~” Matt said as he pulled you close to him from behind but you quickly turn to face him. “MATT! WTF was that all about!?” “What you said to not do anything stupid and I did what I was fucking told. Besides you never said anything about agreeing with her~” Matt said as he suddenly pulled you up and put you over his shoulder, and started walking towards your room. “Put me down Matt! Put me down!!” “Hell to the no! Your mom was a total cock block a few hours before, I’m just restarting what we didn’t finished~” He said as he went into your room and threw you into your bed. “Now let’s make me your mom’s son in law and make her dream come true~” Matt said before he tackled you and clamed your lips again.
Sorry it took me forever I was working -_- anyways enjoys everyone!!

Again comments and request down bellow (request can be of any anime/manga)

Intro: lunatheninjakitty.deviantart.c…
Part 1: lunatheninjakitty.deviantart.c…
Part 2: Now
Part 3: ASAP
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lollypopgurl18 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's awesome!! I also bet you could do a great lemon too since your limes are superb!!
2pCaliforniaOfficial Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  New member
The limes in these tho~ Awesome! What goes through my head as I read this is 'WAIT! Why am I reading this? Matties my brother' Then I'm like, 'Screw it! I shall read on!' xD :nosebleed: 
cassidog2 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2014
Me: *hits him with fryingpan* SWAG
SpartanAmethyst Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
That one moment when you proceed to slam your head repeatedly into the nearest wall while asking the same damn question infinitely: "Why the hell did I choose a Second Player?"
dreamselfycreated Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Student General Artist
:icondreamselfycreated: :iconsaysplz: maybe NOPE!!
Follow-the-Blood Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Oh fucking hell, I mean, bloody hell, Fucking hell sounds like a great place!
SageXEyelessJack Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014
snow-master286 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Flip him again reader-chan!!!!!!!!!
RubyBadAppleDream Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Student Artist
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Is the next one a lemon or something? It seams that's what it's leading up too
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