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August 2, 2013
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“talking”, ‘thinking’

What’s worse than a horny psycho Italian? Having pasta in places where it should never be that’s what. Resistance was futile, no matter how much strength you put into getting out of Luciano’s grasp you couldn’t get away and it turned him on. To him you looked like his dinner with all that pasta and sauce all over your upper body and face. “Penso che questo è il mio nuovo modo preferito di mangiare la pasta~” Luciano gave you an experimental lick on your cheek and continued to lick, bite, and slurp his way to your mouth. “n-no wait Luci-mmmhh!” You pleads were silenced as his mouth ravished yours and all you could do is secretly enjoy his treatment.

‘Damn his kissing skills!’ As you both parted for some air Luciano quickly recovered and dipped his face into your neck, eating away the pasta and making his way to your flesh beneath it. “Mia moglie~ <3” “mmhh~ w-whaaat!~” He shortly paused his attacks on your neck to give you a peck on your lips and look into your eyes with a devilish look. “I said my wife~ That’s what you will be from now on, whether you want to or not bella ragazza~” As soon as he finished telling you this he went back to what he was doing, but changed his mind as soon as he saw a large pasta stain on your chest originating from inside your dress.

Following his sight you saw he was looking, or rather say, was stripping away the top of your apron and dress to reveal your (color) bra that was serving as a bowl for the pasta with your boobs as the meatballs. “N-no! Luciano don’t you dare aah!~” Once again you opinion was pushed aside as Luciano began feeding on your chest only stopping to get some air. “Mio amore you seem to be enjoying this~ What do you say my principessa should we step it up a noch?” Luciano’s hands slowly started to make their way to your back to unclip your bra but when you heard the dreaded click from you back you snapped. Without warning you decked Luciano in the jaw as your bra flew way to an unknown corner of the kitchen and so you decided to quickly cover yourself by tying up your apron around your neck again.

“Vaffanculo a Lei e' la sua madre. Lei e' un cafone stronzo. Vada via in culo! Io non sono il vostro moglie né sarò mai essere voi stronzo! Sono sei proprietario e la tua nella mia casa in modo da me rispetto bastardo delizia!” Luciano could only watch you in shock as you went to pick up your bra and leave the kitchen while cursing at him in Italian, snapping back to reality he got up and followed you into the living room. “Da quando sai itallian?” Lusiano asked as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you towards him “That’s none of your business now let go of me so that I can change and you can go finish your dinner” You said as you started to turn your wrist free but paused as you saw Luciano smile at you.

“In that case I’ll be needing your assistance, I need my voluptuous bowl~” He said as he let go of your wrist and placed his hands around your breast, only for you to slap his face two seconds later. “Vaffanculo Luciano!” You furiously left to your room and locked the door so that you could change in peace, leaving Luciano wide eyed from your previous action. No one has EVER slapped him unless the wanted a slow and painful death, but he was impressed how you stood up against him and that took balls of steal. “Mio amore!~ You truly act like mia moglie, you’re the only woman who’s brave enough to go against me and live!~” He said with a smile knowing you hear him loud and clear through your door.

~~~Time skip~~~

After the whole ordeal you came out of your room wearing your pajamas to check on Luciano, who was watching an Italian soap opera on TV. You decided silently walked into the kitchen and have some dinner and clean up after the mess Luciano left. ‘He’s quiet….too quiet, that’s not good right? Oh God he’s gonna soo kill me in my sleep!’ As you mentally panicked you felt a pair of arms wrap around you gently and a pasta scented breath close to your ear. “I’m sorry bella for causing such a mess why don’t we call it a day and go to sleep~” Luciano suddenly picked you up bridal style and walked back to your room gently placing you on your bed. He started to strip in front of you without warning till he was only in his boxers causing you a major blush, but got you to panic when you saw he was about to pull those down as well.

“L-luciano! NO!” You covered your eyes and turned away from him, but incredibly he did as he was told and kept his boxers on and climbed into your bed. “You shouldn’t be so shy mio amore we live together now~ But I’ll comply to your wishes for now until your ready, buona notte mia moglie bella” He said as he snuggled into your back and gave you a good nigh kiss on your neck before falling to sleep. ‘God he’s such a pervert! Oh well no point in fighting him now I need some shut eye, gotta be ready for tomorrow.’ Accepting you fate for the night you quickly followed Luciano’s example and fell asleep as well.
Sorry I haven't posted it up before I'm just very busy DX next part will come out .... as soon as I find time to write it but in the mean time enjoy, I know I did XD

bella ragazza --> lovely girl
mio amore --> my love
principessa --> princess
Penso che questo è il mio nuovo modo preferito di mangiare la pasta --> I think this is my new favorite way to eat pasta
Mia moglie --> my wife
Vaffanculo a Lei e' la sua madre. Lei e' un cafone stronzo. Vada via in culo! Io non sono il vostro moglie né sarò mai essere voi stronzo! Sono sei proprietario e la tua nella mia casa in modo da me rispetto bastardo delizia! --> You, sir, go fuck yourself and your mother. You are a common turd! Fuck you! I'm not your wife nor will I ever be you asshole! I'm your owner and you’re in my house so you treat me with respect bastard!
Da quando sai Itallian? --> Since when do you know Itallian?
Vaffanculo --> fuck you
Buona notte mia moglie bella --> Good night my lovely wife

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Part 3: ASAP
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